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The Don is the head of the family, no one can call the shots over his decisions. He is also only 1 of 2 people who can initiate someone into the family. Since his rank gives him the authority to give the oath to new members and make them sgarrista.. He also has the authority to give people their positions and ranks.

Consigliere (Underboss/Second in command):
The Underboss is appointed by the Don. He is the second in command of the entire operation. He is usually the leader of "day-to-day" functions..Hes the muscle on the street. His word should go unchallenged by everyone except the don. He is basicly the top dog when it comes to the work on the street. The Don goes to him for "orders" and "jobs". He is also to see to it that the Caporegimes stay in check. Underboss is the only other person who has the authority to swear in new members, but he must report them to the Don.

Doberman / Hammer / Torpedo(best assassin):
The Doberman is the best assassin in the family, there can only be one. He normally is a Caporegime and runs a crew.

Capodecine(s) (Lieutenant):
The Capodecine is normally appointed by a Caporegime. For each 12 soldiers the Caporegime appoints a capodecine to watch over.

Giovane D'Honore Associates(Non-Made Members):
When your a "made man", or any other rank for that matter, you may have buisiness dealings or partnerships with non-made people. These are "associates" commonly refered to as "friends of mine" when mentioned in buisiness meetings. So the bottom line is all non-made people who have dealings with the family, are associates\friends. They have no power in the family. There can be "members" who are not "made" into the family.. They can not attain any other rank. They are just guys who run with the crews in day-to-day operations, normally working for a soldier