Welcome to Street Fighter: Expletus Proeliator

By the way some of you probably looked at the title you're probably wondering what it means?

expletus : (part.) perfect, complete

proeliator : warrior

So by definition, it means the perfect (complete) warrior. Which is exactly what my plans are for this page. A place for fighters to meet IC (in character). And in the end, determine who is the perfect warrior. From IC games to OOC (out of character) rules errata, this page will have it all!



Been awhile since I updated this page. Going to work on some errata that I use in my own table top games to post up here. But mostly this will be a page to list some of the awesome characters that have been played in my games.



This link is used for a comprehensive listing of all player characters that have entered into games that I have ran.




Pretty self explanatory




Use this link to email me personally with tips, info, brickbats, fireballs, or whatever. Just keep it clean!