Disciplinary Rules and Strike Guidelines:

All of the offenses listed below are worth one Shadow of the Phoenix strike. STs may choose to be kind and offer a verbal warning in place of a Strike on a case-by-case basis.

-Public Defamation or Slander
-Lying OOC
-Use of anything other than an item card to denote a weapon or other illegal item
-Ignoring a HST, AST, Coordinator, or Narrator
-Repeatedly Bringing up Problems Publicly
-Alcohol Consumption at or during game
-Drug Use and/or Possession at or during game
-Disrespect of the game site, people, neighbors/passersby, etc.
-Anything not included above that any ST deems inappropriate

-3 Strikes: Removal from game play and asked not to come back.

-6 months after receiving a strike, you may petition the HST to have it removed. This petition must be emailed directly to shadow_phoenix_st at yahoogroups.com. Should you find yourself asked to not come back to the game, you will be allowed to petition to come back after a period of no less than 6 months. Also note that should you be under administrative strikes, this could effect your ability to transfer in or out of the game.