Archbishop Tapais reviewed the works the other packs had presented unto him during Festivo Dello Estinto. They had fought hard for the city and sacrificed much in the name of Caine. While many of the packs remained static and fluctuated due to the fractious nature of the sect, they still toiled in the name of Caine. They still fought in the name of Caine. Was it the infernal infestation that drove them to cleanse the city? Perhaps it was the goading of some of the more traveled members of the city with stories of how their fair city was perceived from afar? Or perhaps they had grown hungry in the absence of other Bishops and wanted the role for themselves.

In either event, Tapais surveyed all that they had done and accomplished and found it pleasing. "Yuma is a truck stop no longer" he decried to his brothers and sisters. And they too found it pleasing. For too long had the city been little more than an old west boomtown. For too long they had languished upon their own failings and infighting. But as they passed through the fires of the dance, they accepted their fate as masters of the city.

But there was still much more work to be done……


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We are a non-profit Live Action Role-playing (LARP) group, using White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theater rules. Shadow of the Phoenix is a Sabbat game with a greater inclination towards role-playing, and portraying the Sabbat in a true manner. We are always welcoming new players. All players must be 18+. Please view our house rules for additional information before attending a game. Games are set in Yuma but sites will be located in Phoenix, AZ (see the directions link for more info). We are also apart of One World by Night, a LARP organization dedicated to the original World of Darkness system published by White Wolf.

Game Times:

2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Pregame is at 7:30 p.m. With the occasional 5th Friday thrown in for good measure.

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