IC information on Yuma, Arizona.


This information can be obtained via Sabbat lore 2 (3 if the character looking is not Sabbat) or for new players entering our game


1) Sabbat sigils and symbols can be found in various locations throughout the city. Most point to a run down, former communal haven designed as a ranch. New people or visitors looking for such tell tale markings would no doubt be lead there first.

2) Background surrounding the city is as follows (ask the SotP prior to using this bit of info IC first):

Yuma (before holding such a name) was formerly
just a fort sitting near the most southern crossing
for the Colorado river. In times past the crossing was
often the site of battles versus the Spanish
and/or Indian armies that roamed that area. The
Colorado river crossing served as a vital junction to
the Americans as settlers from the east making
their way to the Californian south west often had to
pass by this route.
Fort Yuma stood as perhaps the most strategic
outpost in all of the west. It
was to this effect that many young, smart Sabbat
members saw this as a means to an end. An easy way
to control the influx of settlers (and subsequently
the Camarilla) during a time of wagon trains and
movement west.

It didn't hurt that the Fort (soon to become a
city) sat at the Colorado and Gila river juncture.
And it certainly helped that the river had access to
the Gulf of Mexico. The area was first spotted when
Leut. R.W.H Hardy of the British Navy sailed a 25 ton
schooner name Bruja (though some accounts indicate that
'Brujah' was brazenly plastered on it's side and back) up
through the Yuma crossing. A young Spanish Lasombra
who had just been picked up from a stop in Mexico was on
board that ship. His name was Adolfo Antonio

Through floods, gold rushes, Indian skirmishes and
misguided militia, Adolfo remained. Subtly influencing
the kine any way he could. Though at the end of
the civil war, the city's progression had begun to
slow. And sensing a need to hold back and better prepare
himself for more Sabbat (should they finally
find their way up), he slept the long sleep of

When he awoke the city had boomed. Yuma was no
longer an outpost, a few buildings and a flatboard
raft to take people across. No Yuma had become a
major piece of the American Southwest and he
immediately realized this. He took full advantage of
his reawakening and began seeking out other Sabbat.
Some he gathered from Mexico, others were shoveled
and brought along for the trip. In the end, what few
Camarilla citizens that called Yuma home were
slain and the city was taken. Yuma had become

3) Recent events of within Yuma:

Yuma, AZ was formerly a Cam domain of little
repute. According to current OWBN genre (as played
in Secundus Surrectum) the Sabbat took the city for
their own but later left for their own reasons
(most ran to the aid of their brothers and sisters
in the siege of Wall st, others had a personal agenda
against the Camarilla of Tucson). With the fall of
the local Bishop (Adolfo Antonio Montoya) at the hands of
Godwynn Lancaster and his Camarillan
warparties in Tucson, what remained in Yuma

The game picks up several months since then. The
only surviving Sabbat member in the city at the time
was the reclusive Bishop Zantosa of clan
Tzimisce. Realizing that he alone could not hold the
city, he slowly leaked word that Yuma had "openings" for
opportunistic Sabbat. Bishop Michael (Malkavian anti) and his
pack were the first to respond. Along with Apollyon
(Assamite Anti) who came at behest of Bishop
Michael's calling, they were
the first in the city. Slowly but surely, others
trickled in......

4)Most recent events as of Festivo Dello Estinto 2005: Yuma had grown to be known by other Cainites as an Old West boomtown and little more than a truckstop on the way to Mexico. From problems with the lupines, demonic infestation, and sect infighting, it seemed the Swords of Caine could do little else except stumble over themselves collectively. Shortly after the Festival of the Dead, the sect gathered for one final strike against a demon that had been plauging the city since it's refounding. They struck and struck hard. By the evenings end the Sword of Caine was triumphant and celebration began. The city had proven themselves and now forge ahead with renewed vigor.