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Welcome to the Clan Giovanni Resource page! Please feel free to browse around and enjoy the wealth of information we have here for storytellers and players alike.

Within time, this should be the most informative Giovanni page online. Now that the brief introduction is out of the way, let me explain the links to your right.

- Necropolis: This link begins a new player's journey on the path of learning. While the other links serve as quick links elsewhere on the site, the Necropolis link serves as a starting point for newbies.

-Disciplines: This is a break down on each and every Necromantic discipline in the game today, along with other pertanent ones such as Thaumaturgy. A work in progress.

-Family: A listing of every family within the Giovanni family. Along with brief descriptions on their worth to the family and how they came to be.

-Ghouls: Ever wonder what Giovanni ghouls are like? Click here and find out.

-Stereotypes: Just what -do- the Giovanni think of the other kindred that walk the night. Based off of both clan books.

-Clans: A break down of every clan that has some sort of tie in with the Giovanni and what they are doing in the modern nights.

-Links: If you need me to break this down for you it might not be such a good thing for you to be reading this page to begin with!

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Carolina Panther fan page
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