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What you find below is used only with the express permission of the Clan Giovanni Storytellers for use in the Giovanni game. It is my hope that the information contained herein will help newcomers and old hats to the game alike in furthering their online roleplaying experience. Most of the research placed within the sourcebook has come from Mediums: Speakers with the Dead, Risen, Clanbook: Giovanni, Clan novel: Giovanni, Vampire the Masq: 3rd edition, Clanbook Cappadocian, Players guide to the Sabbat, Vampire: the Dark Ages, Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, Giovanni Chronicles 1-4, Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand, Book of Worlds, A World of Darkness Suppliment 2nd edition and Wraith the Oblivion. .

Q&A with Justin Achili when not plotting the next series of books for our beloved White Wolf gaming system, Justin snuck in a few moments to answer some boggling questions concerning the Giovanni in general

Character concepts: A look at what types of concepts one could find in the Giovanni

Family Heritage: Who said all Giovanni have the last name "Giovanni"? These folks don't and I'll tell you why.