This is a listing of the major, and minor families found within Clan Giovanni. Information was pulled from both 1st and 2nd edition Clan Giovanni books and Mediums: Speakers with the Dead.

Giovanni: The main family. Formed by Augustus as a massive merchant family who made their mark on the world by being war profiteers from the Crusades. Being masters of necromancy certainly helped matters.

Pisanob: Descendants of Aztec and Mayan priests from Mesoamerica. Their power base lie in the badlands of Mexico and South America.

Hidalgo: Another branch of the family that originated within Mexico. Rumored to be wiped out by the Sabbat as contact with them has been broken

Rosselini: From a similar Roman decent as the Giovanni. Also accomplished necromancers who typically exert force even when force isn’t necessary to control their wraithly servants. Considered near equal to the main family.

Milliners: A family of bankers bar none. The head of the Milliners has a hard on for destroying the JFKs. While not interested in necromancy, they excel at what they do best and that’s finance. The Milliners are a big reason the Giovanni have Boston to this day.

della Passaglia: Another family of traders who were rumored to have been connected to the great Marco Polo himself. They now serve as the Giovanni connection to Asian thanotology and their prime Asian mercantile business men.

Ghiberti: A branch of the family from Africa and responsible for involving the Giovanni in the United States, West Africa, and West Indies trade triangle. Also responsible for inventing the Cenotaph path of necromancy.

Dunsirn: A Scottish branch of the Giovanni. Savvy bankers with a nasty fetish for cannibalism.

Putanesca: Sicilian thugs with a temper that puts the Brujah to shame. Every clan has to have their guys to do the dirty work, and the Giovanni have the Putanesca

St John: Cabal of English Masons

Beryn: Flemish traders with inroads into Africa similar to the Ghiberti

Rothstein: Jewish-American Kabbalists who seem to be centered in Las Vegas

Li Weng: Chinese geomancers based out of San Francisco’s Chinatown

Koenig: German arms manufacturers/death cultists


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