Rumors and Innuendo


One thing the Giovanni have going for them is there sense of self. And due in large part of this comes confidence and self worth. Course it also breeds egotism and some strong opinions of others around them. And it is on that note that we explore a typical Giovanni’s feelings on the other clans

The Camarilla: Ok someone want to remind me why other vampires haven’t figured out why we’re so strong? Oh that’s right, the weak always stay close to mommy. We’ve made a pretty penny off of them and their war with the Sabbat, so no complaints there. But the whole passive aggressive shtick has got to go.

The Sabbat: This is your brain……this is your brain on drugs. Any questions? If kowtowing to a Prince in the Camarilla isn’t your thing then maybe you could try the faux freedom of the Sabbat. “you’re free from oppression! Now just go follow the code of Mulan, carry your luck dragon Mushu, and cross dress to obtain that freedom!” Yeah right….

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