Ignasio Giovanni had been a prominent┬álegal mogul in the greater Boston area until his law practice┬áran foul of some of the more seedier types within the “familia”. Loyal to the family ever still, Ignasio did his best to free the convicted mobsters from their multiple┬ácharges of racketeering, extortion, and homicide. On a typical day he could have spin doctored that situation into a gold mine, but Jimmy “Fingers” Rosselini and his crew were equally adept at keeping themselves in trouble. Which brought him to Necropolis. Failure brought him expulsion from the family home within Boston and without a place to practice law, let alone live, he was left with few options. Having heard of Necropolis before, murmured from other family as the only city between Boston and Vegas that has any sort of dominant Giovanni influence. And viewed much like an old west frontier town with the number of factions found there, kindred and non kindred alike, Ignasio decided his best chance was his most radical one…..

This is the beginning. Here new players can access just about anything they might want to know on the Giovanni. Keep in mind that all attempts at designing a factual page about the clan have been made. Given White Wolf’s writing style, this might sometimes conflict with their books. when in doubt always use your better judgement when making decisions about the game. The New Players link above is just that: A source-book for new players anywhere. If you are a new player to the clan, or an experienced player looking to learn more this link is for you.

The Domain link is speculation. No rank and file system truly exists in any of the books. And much of the ranks you find in other games are based off real mafioso titles. Since many players find the need to create a pecking order in the family the need for this link becomes necessary. Explanations behind the titles are included. I would stress that none of this is ‘canon’ (or in other words, official) by White Wolf as they never published any of these ranks in their books.



New Players

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